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If you’ve been following the news and social media as of recent, then you might have already heard that Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg has purchased Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. So if Facebook buys Instagram, what does this all mean for us? When Facebook and Instagram merge, will this change the experience for the social networking sites that we have grown to love?

Not necessarily. Although the acquisition took place already, there have only been subtle changes for the user to experience, which will not totally ruin it at all. In fact, this merger has quite benefited a lot of users of Instagram as well as Facebook.

Regarded as perhaps the biggest acquisition in history, Facebook paid an amount of one billion Dollars to purchase the photo sharing app. However, this was not all paid in cash. Instagram was purchased with about $300 million in cash and around 23 million shares of Facebook stock. In addition to that, the people that run Facebook have insisted that they will maintain Instagram as it is.

They have assured everyone that this app will remain independently-run from Facebook and that you need to get Instagram followers. If any, they will only improve on the app to make for a better user experience. This is what exactly has happened over the course of months that had passed since the merger took place. Everyone who uses Facebook will only notice that additional things have appeared on their newsfeed from Instagram and those on the photo sharing social networking app can now share their photos on Facebook.

Get Instagram Followers

It’s very important that you get followers on Instagram pro. If you are an user of Instagram and have been for quite some time now, then you know for a fact that it has become one of the most popular apps in the entire world if not the most famous to date. Children, adults and even the so-called hipsters are avid users of the app and share photos of themselves daily.

It is no wonder why Facebook wanted to get in on the action too. However, only time will tell if the investment was really worth it in the first place. Nothing much has changed at all for Instagram users. You can do everything the way you wanted to, adding filters and having the same news feed on your account. You also can still share on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Foursquare, other than Facebook.

For the Facebook user alone, there are no changes whatsoever in the experience of being in the site. As mentioned, you might notice that some of your friends will share a photo every once in a while with the message “via Instagram” as the source of the image. That is about it.

When you see this message, it just means that this user is on Instagram and has added Facebook as part of his sharing options of the photo. Finally, this merger is really beneficial for all those involved especially for end users like us. Now, connecting across various social networking sites is made easier thanks to the Instagram and Facebook merger.